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Healthy Food

Weinberg Food Law LLP

Why We Formed

Food is the universal unifier. Eating is the one common activity that all life forms participate in. Every human being has the absolute right to know what we are eating. The sheer volumes of food produced and consumed globally makes our food supply chains highly susceptible to compromise, whether intentional or unintentional. Those who adulterate, tamper with, misrepresent or mismanage food, are largely unsupervised, making it easy for them to conceal their crimes and misdemeanors. The global food industry operates with inherent secrecy and often acts in a highly deceptive manner. Weinberg Food Law LLP was formed to expose deceit and hold accountable those who participate in the commission and cover-up of food crime.

Who We Are

Weinberg Food Law's Founder and Managing Partner, Mitchell Weinberg, is an attorney and the Founder, President and CEO of the world's only food fraud investigation firm, INSCATECH. He has spent the last 12 years of his life trying to bring attention to numerous critical issues affecting our food supply. By combining his legal experience and knowledge of the food industry, Mitchell feels that he can finally help bring justice to the billions of people impacted by food crime. In Weinberg Food Law, Mitchell has assembled a collection of lawyers from a variety of backgrounds who share a singular and deep passion for protecting the integrity of our food. Our goal is to make the food industry more accountable to food consumers and to stop misleading us. 

To Go Wraps

What We Do

Woman Shopping for Groceries

Foods offered for sale in one geographic region of the world, are typically sourced by the same multinational food companies, from the same suppliers and locations as foods offered for sale in other parts of the world.  Accordingly, Weinberg Food Law and its collaborative partners act for clients in food related litigation in five regions of the world: i) Canada (Weinberg Food Law LLP) ii) the United States (Food Law Partners LLP)  iii) the EU iv) The United Kingdom and v) Australia. 

  • Civil Litigation (Fraud, Mislabeling, Misrepresentation)

  • Class Actions

  • Competition Law

  • Regulatory Violations

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