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Mitchell K. Weinberg B.A., J.D., B.C.L

Founder and Managing Partner


Mitchell Weinberg is the Founder and Managing Partner of Food Law Partners. Mitchell is also the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Supply Chain Assessment Technologies Corporation (INSCATECH). INSCATECH pioneered and is the sole provider of forensically based food fraud investigations in the world. Through its international network of specially trained food fraud detection operatives, INSCATECH works discreetly and legally in virtually every food producing country around the world to expose those committing food fraud. Under the umbrella of INSCATECH, Mitchell created the GenuCert brand of certifications, including GenuHoney®, the first certification program designed to combat food fraud and assure authenticity. Mitchell also co-founded the Women’s International Honey Producers Association (WIHPA) in 2020. WIHPA is a non-profit association that was created to educate, train, empower, emancipate and dignify socially and economically disadvantaged women in both the developing and developed worlds through beekeeping.

Mitchell is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Pre-Law and Sociology, and the McGill University School of Law in Montreal, Canada where he obtained his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and Civil Law (B.C.L.) degrees. Prior to the creation of INSCATECH, Mitchell created a successful global international trade compliance consulting firm, Mondial Trade Compliance Services and Solutions which he operated until the creation of INSCATECH.

Mitchell started his career as a trial lawyer with North America’s largest utility (Ontario Hydro). He subsequently moved to Future Electronics, the world’s third largest distributor of electronic components where, after a year in his role as Corporate Legal Counsel, Mitchell was promoted to the position of Vice-President and General Counsel. As Vice-President and General Counsel of Future Electronics, Mitchell was responsible for overseeing the company’s legal, global trade compliance, and corporate security functions.


Mitchell has been prominently featured on television, radio, online and in print publications. Mitchell is the world’s leading expert on food fraud.


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